Friday, May 26, 2006

Two "Serious" Questions

I love the ministry of Doug Phillips and Vision Forum ( and Repeatedly he asks two questions that relate to the question of "Serious Faith."

1. "Does a fish know he's wet?"

If a fish could communicate, would he have a clue about the concept of "dry?" Obviously the answer is, "no." The fish is completely immersed in its environment and doesn't recognize that there is another out there that is completely opposite to its own. This is an extremely important concept when it comes to us and our culture. We are thoroughly immersed in our culture and thus have a very difficult time understanding that God calls us to be different in a manner that is very, very foreign to us. We don't comprehend "dry" in our natural state. We find out about "dry" by studying our Bibles and then actually putting into practice what God says. We must come out of the culture. We must be different. It is that very difference that shows the Gospel.

2. "If you were plopped down on a deserted island with no cultural baggage and only the Bible, how would you organize, orient, and live your life?"

This is a challenge that assumes the Bible actually does have everything necessary to live a life the way God wants it lived. Would the life that you set up on that island look different than then one you are living now? If so, then the one you are living now has some serious problems.

So, introspection is necessary. We must find out about "dry." We must consider our lives in light of the truth of God's word. We must be willing to change as necessary, regardless of what the culture has to say. That is sanctification and that is the path that leads to salvation.

To God be the glory!

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