Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Must-Hear Sermons

Over on my HomeDisciplingDad blog, I have a YouTube video of a sermon by missionary and pastor, Paul Washer, given to a group of young people at an evangelism conference in 2002. It was such an incredible sermon that I searched for more...and found many, many more! Here I would like to commend a series of four sermons given to Jefferson Park Baptist Church. The links will take you to a site where you can either listen or download for free. Each is a bit over an hour, but is well worth your time. My them and either burn to a CD or put on your iPod and listen when you can concentrate, for there are many diamonds in these words!

I Am Under Obligation

The Gospel: The Cross of Christ (too big to burn to a CD)

Regeneration and True Christian Unity

Test of True Faith

If you have ever "accepted Jesus into your heart," you NEED to hear these sermons. You NEED to hear the Biblical description of saving faith and how it happens. You will hear depth, you will hear passion, you will hear love for the lost, and above all, you will hear honor and exultation of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

May you be blessed by Pastor Washer's words.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Steve Camp and the "Church of St.Arbucks"

I will get back to my musings about Tozer's Keys to a Deeper Life, but I was reading through Steve Camp's ministry blog and came across a wonderful devotional post that I had to put up here. Every once in a while he posts under the title "From the Church of St.Arbuck's"...quite cute! This is one of those posts. He starts with one of the quotes Starbucks puts on their cups, exposes the fallacy of it, and then moves to a wonderful musing on true life at the Cross.

Please grab a cup of coffee, click here, and enjoy Steve's thoughts. Beware...he puts thoughtful application questions at the end!