Thursday, September 13, 2007

The African Spurgeon

Have you heard of Pastor Conrad Mbewe? Probably not.

As the pastor of a church in Zambia, he has gained the well-earned reputation of being "The African Charles Spurgeon."

This 10-minute clip from YouTube is a portion of one of his sermons...powerful, strong, no-nonsense...a call to give your life to Jesus for the advancement of the Kingdom. You will have to listen carefully if your ears are not attuned to the African accent...but it is worth your time.

After viewing the video clip, if you wish to learn a bit more of his history, click HERE.

Be blessed by God's use of this man!


Arthur Eiss said...

This guy sure has the Spirit! It's so good to hear someone speak so passionatly about Christ.

Philip said...

I found this blog when I saw that you linked to a video I put together. I enjoy your blog, great work, thanks for passing the video along. I will add your blog to my recommended blog list.

Grace and peace to you,
Philip @

Charley said...


May God bless you for the work you have done on your videos. Thank you.

Christos Kurios!