Friday, August 31, 2007

Serious Men Hug, Too....

Christians who are "serious" can certainly enjoy a little laughter, too! In the past, our pastor has encouraged us to hug each other, something that in our part of the world doesn't go over well...especially between two men.'s a bit of help on the subject (thanks to Pastor Tim Bayly at the BaylyBlog).

P.S. Make sure you are in a place where you can laugh out loud before viewing this!

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Arthur Eiss said...

At my Church we hug every Sunday and Thursday. If they don't get you on the way in the door there's a special time right after the music when the Pastor specifically calls us to "Go give someone a hug around the neck!" Several families have actually left the Church over the years because they couldn't cope with the hugging tradition and the Pastor has refused to compromise it.

I was never really into hugging before, but the more often we do it at Church the more normal it becomes. Even the men are getting comfortable with it. And, it doesn't hurt when you get to unabashedly embrace the pretty young women either!

The purpose for the tradition at our Church is to display our affection toward one another. It also helps to foster affections and a sense of family. Though it's certainly something someone could sit out if they were THAT uncomfortable, in general people tend to adjust rather quickly.

Hugs are a gift from God. Use them!